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7 Day CBD Review with Coach Ross

7 Day CBD Overview  1) Day 1 – Before starting this program I was feeling stressed out in everyday life due to business and finances. I am a go-getter, extremely driven. Ambitious and passionate about what I do. That being said, after taking 2 cookies the first morning…my workout was absolutely amazing and I was stress free all day long. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. 2) Day 2 – I ate the cookies in theRead More…


Hello world!

Welcome to the official Superseed CBD blog! Here, we hope to share bits of information and encouragement, as well as stories about how Superseed CBD is changing lives!!! First things first… While research continues to improve and the health benefits of CBD become wider and clearer, one that we hold dearly and can personally vouch for is the positive effects of Superseed CBD on mental health. According to several studies between 2010 and 2015, aRead More…