7 Day CBD Overview 

1) Day 1 – Before starting this program I was feeling stressed out in everyday life due to business and finances. I am a go-getter, extremely driven. Ambitious and passionate about what I do. That being said, after taking 2 cookies the first morning…my workout was absolutely amazing and I was stress free all day long. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.

2) Day 2 – I ate the cookies in the morning again and the same result happened… I crushed the day literally working 10+ hours without any stress. I liked eating the cookies in the morning as a “breakfast” and then continue fasting until mid day.

3) Day 3 – I ate the cookies post workout at around 2pm and that was the first thing in my stomach besides coffee/water. I definitely felt more chill after a strenuous workout and all I wanted to do was recover. In a good way!

4) Day 4-7 – I ate the cookies at night time, around 7 or 8pm and that would be the last thing I ate for the day. I enjoy eating the cookies in the evening because I would fall asleep by like 9 or 10pm without question. I slept for 8-9hours steady without any interruptions which was the nicest benefit to me. I usually wake up between 3am-6am to use the restroom or because Im fired up with some ideas but this has been a great way for me to check out and get the rest that I need.

CONSENSUS – These 2 CBD cookies a day have been keeping me in check. My mood and activity levels are on point. I will continue taking these cookies for as long as I have a steady supply

-Coach Ross, online health coach

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